Remember to wish is a powerful Event Management Tool.

Guess, What will happen if you forget to wish your special friend or relative or family members on their birthday or anniversary or special event, or miss preparing yourself for such special event or occasion? And by the time you realize, it's already late and all you are left with is guilt. At that time, you wish for something useful which would help us in not missing the dates.

We thoroughly understand this need of yours, and feel that family, friends or relatives who have special place in your heart and life should not be disappointed. You wish you are able to make these special opportunities and moments of their life to be even more glorious. And thus, we decided to create a mobile app in which you can easily store all your events and let modern technology remind you of the upcoming dates.

RTW APP, will help you remember your close ones birthdays, wedding anniversaries or any special occasion. The RTW app will remind the important dates, as well as set a reminder to prepare for all such special occasions.


  • In this fast paced life, we wish to achieve everything at the same time. But sometimes it makes us too occupied and forgetful. This app is the perfect tool and works as our secondary memory, remembering all our special occasions.
  • The preparations will be completed before hand and on the right time.
  • Automated Reminder will give you time for preparation.
  • Relations bounding with your love once, relatives and friends will get stronger.

How it Works:

  • Search by going to Google Play or App Store "Remember to wish".
  • Download the APP and sign in.
  • Verify your email by entering the verification code sent by the application.
  • After logging in, start filling the details of your friends and relatives using Create Event.
  • Set Reminder Days while creating event and relax, system will remind you in advance for your upcoming event(s).